The Enchanting Story Behind the Hermès Kelly Bag

The Enchanting Story Behind the Hermès Kelly Bag – Hermès is recognized for its handmade luggage and handbag leather collections worn by many celebrities and the most wealthiest people. Every pieces of Hermès handbags are made with hand stitching done by single artistan. Of course, the bag production done with very high attention to detail that takes about 18-24 hours to make.

One of very famous Hermès collections that have become a status symbol is the coveted Kelly bag. Made with high quality leather with a very detailed artisanal craftmanship, the sought-after Kelly bag is known as one of the most prestigious and luxurious Hermès collections. As a timeless work of art desired by many fashionable women around the world, Kelly bag has its own interesting story that span over the years.

The rising popularity of Kelly bag is inseparable with the renowned Hollywood star Grace Kelly. During her upbringing she dreamed of becoming a star which finally came true. Grace Kelly was born in Philadelphia starred in several Hollywood films such as The Swan, High Society, To Catch a Thief, Green Fire, Rear Window, Fourteen Hours, Mogambo, and others. She is one of the most influential Hollywood actress and is married to Prince Rainier III who drove her into the Princess of Monaco. A few months after his newly marriage, Grace Kelly was pregnant, but she tried not to announce it to the public.

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Sac à dépêches bag is the original Kelly bag that was released in 1930s and Grace Kelly used it cover up her pregnancy from the paparazzi’s camera shots. Grace Kelly was caught on camera wearing a Sac à dépêches bag and the photo got abroad around the world and published on the front cover of many famous magazines. Since then, the public named the collection as Hermès Kelly bag that make it more recognizable.

As a top-class celebrities, Grace Kelly became the icon that has a high taste towards fashion and develop a glamour style of her own. Grace Kelly’s high profile and her passion for Hermès are able to influence the women’s fashion choices and make the Kelly bag much sought after by fashionistas. Hermès has already been a popular brand for its reputation and it is much more growing thanks to Grace Kelly wearing Hermès collection on various occasions.

Kelly bag is made of expensive and durable leather like a goat, alligator, cow, crocodille, snakes, deer, cattle, ostriches skin from various regions around the world. It takes about 18 hours to make the construction that is made by single artisan. The bags are dyed to give color variation and hand-crafted into various sizes.

The favorite Hermès bags of Princess of Monaco are dark brown and navy blue, both made of crocodile skin. Kelly bag has a boxy trapezoid silhouette with a distinctive front flap, the padlock, keys, and hardware are made of white and yellow gold.

For decades, Kelly bag have become the most sought-after collection that is desired many fashion lovers who want to show their wealth status. Grace Kelly is well known as a fashion icon helped popularize the Kelly bag that makes every woman wants it of their own. Apart from being a symbol of social status, Kelly bag make every woman wearing it looks like a princess. (allhighfashion)

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